How does Success With Honor work?

Name Image Likeness (NIL) allows student-athletes to earn money at market value. Since most can’t hold a traditional job, this is the new way to make money for necessities and spending money. You can choose what team or athlete you want to support. If your business could benefit from being represented by Penn State athletes, contact us through the “Commercial” side. If you would like to support a team through a tax-deductible donation, Donor Advised Fund, or Foundation, go to our 501c3 side or contact SaraJ@successwithhonor.com. The impact that the athletes can have on themselves and the charities that you care about are tremendous. Your donation makes the community and the next generation of Penn Staters better!

Can I select what sport my contributions support?

Yes! You contribute and help raise money for the sport you care about. Although our salespeople are focused on outreach for football and basketball, our website allows anyone to support their chosen sport. As we have media, social media, and good, no GREAT people like you spreading the word, we will mobilize the world’s greatest alumni to navigate NIL with integrity. It only happens with your help

What makes Success With Honor unique at Penn State?

Success With Honor was founded on doing things the “Penn State Way” by Penn Staters, for Penn Staters. We are the only NIL Collective contracting with student-athletes in each of the 31 collegiate athletic teams at Penn State. While our outreach efforts focus primarily on Football and Basketball, you can donate to any team(s), and your money goes to that team only. If your business wants a Penn State athlete to represent your brand, contact us. Since our founding in 2022, we have executed contracts with over 350 student-athletes in all 31 sports for over $2,000,000. Far more than any other collective. Also, NIL is competitive. Our coaches and fans don’t want other schools to know what we are doing. Our entire SWH team are Penn Staters committed to Penn State athletes only. Most of us live in State College and know our athletes and our coaches. Most importantly, we know our Penn State values. Because we are not a “franchise”, and have no affiliation with any other schools, our fans, coaches, and athletes can rest assured that there will never be a conflict of interest with Success With Honor. Our only goal is to provide support for our athletes, not to expand to another school.

What percentage of contributions go to the athletes?

Between 85 – 90%. Our goal for 2023 is 90%, among the lowest in the industry. Success With Honor keeps its overhead costs as low as possible. Still, we must cover expenses related to IT, legal, marketing materials, content creation, student-athlete education, student-athlete fulfillment, fan engagement experiences, and bookkeeping. We rely on volunteers like you to get the word out. Contact Sara at SaraJ@successwithhonor.com to get involved and be part of the team working for our athletes!

Can I request opportunities to engage with certain athletes?

Yes! Our athletes can represent your brand in a way that stands out! Penn State fans LOVE them, and so do people who value the skills and values that they represent. Our athletes are great to partner with and the process is simple. Please contact Sara at SaraJ@successwithhonor.com to put our athletes to work for you!

Are donations tax deductible?

YES! Through our Success With Honor Foundation, your donations are tax-deductible. Your money will be used in a powerful and unique way to have athletes promote charities around the state. This provides them with an opportunity spread awareness of community nonprofit missions, to stand out, engage with new donors, promote non-profit events and learn valuable life-skills. You can even tell us what charity you would like the athletes to promote.
Please contact Kerry Small at kerrys@successwithhonor.com for more details.
Consult with your tax advisor.

Subscriptions are directed to the Success With Honor Foundation 501c3 unless otherwise requested. Contracts with athletes through Success With Honor Commercial are not tax deductible, however, they provide our student-athletes with a way to earn money.

What happens if an athlete transfers or leaves Penn State?

Contracts are limited in time and scope to provide protection for contributor funds in situations where a student-athlete transfers.

What if I’m interested in giving a larger contribution?

Individuals and businesses interested in giving larger contributions to Success With Honor can contact us directly at kerrys@successwithhonor.com. Contributions can be specified for specific sports, programs, and athletes. 501c3 donations made to the Success With Honor Foundation are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Is Success with Honor affiliated with Penn State University?

No, Success With Honor was started by a small group of graduates who love this university.  They saw the opportunity to support the Penn State student-athletes through NIL and do it the right way. 

Are there any limitations on NIL deals?

Student-athletes cannot enter into deals that promote alcohol, drugs, pharmaceuticals, political advertising, pornography, gambling or betting, or other opportunities that go against Penn State values. Additionally, there must be a quid-pro-quo between the athlete and an individual or business. Success With Honor seeks to create a wide range of NIL opportunities for student-athletes that help them grow as young men and women, while also giving supporters an opportunity to interact with student-athletes in unique ways.

For the 501c3 their actions must benefit the partner 501c3 by promoting the charity partner’s events, helping increase their donations, and improving the awareness of the charity.

Can I pause, cancel, or change my contribution?

Email saraj@successwithhonor.com to manage your contributions.

Are all student- athletes eligible?

It is Success With Honor’s goal to engage every Penn State student-athlete across all 31 sports using their name, image, and likeness.

What kind of opportunities exist for athletes?

Both commercial and charitable engagement opportunities are available for student-athletes. Businesses may partner with student-athletes to help drive sales and standing in the community through appearances, promotional videos, social media campaigns, etc. Student-athletes participating in community engagement opportunities will help non-profits with social media, advertising, in-person volunteering and micro internships, which all help to build life-skills and community relationships that will extend beyond graduation.

How are non-designated donations awarded?

Success With Honor has a process to determine the marketing value of a student-athlete’s name, image, and likeness. An athlete’s sport, position, social media following and talent level are all carefully considered. The process serves as a guide, and ultimately, Success With Honor has some latitude in determining the final amount earned by the student-athlete for their services. Typically,
candidates will be chosen from a pool of athletes that have expressed interest in working with charitable organizations and Success With Honor’s collective. Opportunities are open to all student-athletes at Penn State. If that pool is exhausted, Success With Honor will reach out to additional athletes to fulfill the available opportunities with consideration given to those with a passion for charitable work, among other factors.

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