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Success With Honor has long been the ethos of every student-athlete that has donned a Penn State University uniform. Its mandate is clear – an unrelenting passion and dedication to competing at the highest levels of one’s ability, while never compromising one’s integrity in the pursuit of excellence. Name Image Likeness (NIL) allows Penn State student-athletes to build valuable life skills, represent businesses, impact charitable organizations, and project Penn State values.

Name. Image. Likeness.

Name Image Likeness (NIL) is a new way for college athletes to make money by representing products, services, and organizations. Since a student-athlete’s demanding schedule makes it challenging to have a part-time job like other students, recent legislation and rule changes permit individuals, businesses, and other organizations to compensate athletes in exchange for promotional services.

Additionally, Success With Honor has established, SWH Foundation (501c3), which provides the ability to support all student-athlete’s through tax-advantaged donations. The athletes will be partnered with charitable organizations around the commonwealth and the country to leverage their Name, Image, and Likeness to benefit the charities and the populations they serve.

PENN STATE competes in Big Ten and National Championships.  By engaging with our Nittany Lion athletes, you can provide financial support for individual athletes and/or the entire team as they collectively pursue excellence together.

Success With

We are one of the few collectives in the country to support all student-athletes. That means we strive to provide opportunities for all 850 athletes from 31 sports. With less than 380 scholarship equivalents for 850 student-athletes, many students represent our university with little or no support and struggle to experience college. Even for those on scholarship, many families have challenging financial circumstances, and NIL opportunities are a saving grace. We give individuals, businesses, and foundations options to support the teams and individuals they choose. To date, our supporters have provided NIL contracts to athletes from every sport.

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Tax deductible contributions allow Penn State student athletes to participate and support our/your charitable community partners, while a earning tax-deductible benefit for your donation. By leveraging their student-athlete status they can promote fundraising events, relationship drives and increase overall awareness of the charities. Student-athletes feel the power of compassion, community and commitment!

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Student-Athlete Business Engagement

Looking to work with student-athletes at Penn State? Work with our team to engage with your business, product service on marketing, sales and promotional opportunities.

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***Tax deductible contributions to Success With Honor Foundation allow student-athletes to engage and support our charitable community partners, while our donors earn a tax-deductible benefit for their donation. By leveraging the student-athlete’s status, they can promote fundraising events, relationship drives and increase overall awareness of the charities. This new, impactful service shows some of the best attributes of Penn Staters: Our sense of community and commitment to others less fortunate. Our young athletes also experience the power of compassion. You may select an individual sport or make a general contribution. 
This is made possible through our 501(c)(3) Success With Honor Foundation. Payment options include credit card, check, gifts made through a Donor Advised Fund (DAF), donated securities, wire transfer or ACH. Checks should be made out to “Success With Honor Foundation,” P.O. Box 1205, State College, PA 16804. Please write the name of the sport you would like to support in the memo line or click on DONATE NOW to make your one time or ongoing donation.



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From our Executive Director:

In March of 2023, we began our second year of operations by changing the Success With Honor operations team to a team of Penn Staters, including my taking the role of Executive Director. Our founders, board of advisors, and operations team are all Penn Staters who love this university and understand our shared Penn State values. Like many of you, I was uncomfortable with NIL, especially in conjunction with the Transfer Portal. However, when I realized that Penn State could lead in navigating NIL with integrity, I embraced the opportunity. 
Being a Penn Stater is a transformational experience, not a transactional one. For student-athletes, it includes being part of the university and team culture, training with top athletes and coaches, and exhibiting integrity, leadership, dedication, and perseverance in pursuit of excellence. With a thriving and supportive alumni base, premier career opportunities, and a tremendous collegiate environment in Happy Valley, NIL is just one part of their college experience. Success With Honor is proud to support Penn State student-athletes as they represent businesses, impact charitable organizations and the families that they serve, and develop valuable life skills. Over 96% of our athletes will choose careers other than their college sport. The skills they advance while at Penn State will help make them future leaders in science, engineering, business, humanities, the arts, and more. 
I am proud to have a small part in helping our student-athletes grow as people, impact the lives of families who rely on charitable organizations, and represent what is good about Penn State to the rest of the world. We Are!

Kerry Small

Executive Director

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